Friday, 14 October 2011

Pennywise, Braunston

DSCF1043 He only slowed down because I was taking pictures and then not very much. Tut, tut.DSCF1044


Maffi said...

Mr Anonymous I am assuming you didnt want me to post your comment here so I wont. You are assuming that speeding boats simply disturb moored boats. They do that but they also damage the canal, its infrastructure and maim and kill wild life. Add to that they also destroy the peace and calm of the waterways. So all in all an environmental disaster. Now what were you saying?

bwp said...

Greeting Maffi and well done.
This will not please some of the private boat owner bloggers who only seem to think it is the hire crews who don't follow the canal users protocols, photographic evidence as well


Maffi said...

It is a tad unfortunate that I have more pictures of hire boaters doing this than private boaters, but that is more to do with when I have had my camera handy.