Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Priors Hardwick

Today I met up with John and Jan Halford, ‘Halfie’ to blog readers. They moored just behind me yesterday and we were due to enjoy a pint together but it turned out that they were too tired for socialising as indeed I was after a roast beef dinner with the Wrens. So at about 9.45 this morning I heard a small voice in my slumbers "Maffi are you up?"  I started chatting through the window then the side hatch, then John said to get dressed come for a tea. I had a look around nb Shadow. It is a nice boat and is probably what I would have designed had I ever seen more boats.DSCF1197 After they left I went to say my good byes to the Wrens and set of on my merry little way. Its been a bit windy today and quite cold, though the sun shone bright all day. I find this bit of the canal somewhat boring. Though today I stopped for the night short of Marston Doles at bridge 124 Spurfoot Bridge. I stopped here because about a mile across the fields is the village of Priors Hardwick. It is supposed to be a must see and I can tell you I wasn’t disappointed.DSCF1189DSCF1174DSCF1175

DSCF1176The local bee keeper must have been kept busy.


On this memorial obelisk were the names of at least11 members of the same family. Haynes.

On the way back to the boat I picked a few pounds of sloes. There are tons of them up here.

PS I have now left Oxfordshire and have entered real dragon land Warwickshire. One has to be very careful the dragons disguise themselves as horses. There seem to be lots of dragons in disguise.

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