Monday, 17 October 2011

Return to Croppers

So Saturday I had yet another good-bye breakfast with Kate Saffin, this time in BHS. After once more saying good bye I set off for Cropredy. Though a bit chilly at times the weather was bright and cheerful. I made good time and arrived about 2 ish. I passed the spot where I left the Wrens and I had myself been moored just two days before only to see new boats in our places! I carried on and stopped at the water point to fill up and tip rubbish. (I cant believe how much rubbish I am generating, especially as now the stove is on I burn all that is burnable.)  I noticed through the bridge Wren’s Nest moored on the 48 hour spot so I popped over while the tank was filling. I was having a visitor on Sunday who would need to get back to her car in the afternoon and the W’s would be needing to get their car to Fenny Compton. Given that I was planning to be in Fenny on Sunday with my visitor a deal was struck. I moored back in a hole which was home to half an illegally moored BW tug. It was about 13 meters long on a BW 22 meter workboat mooring, but around 5 meters of it were on a 48 hour mooring. It had been like that all week. Anyway I managed to squeeze in the space behind with inches to spare. I have given up expecting BW to obey their own rules. I had a night in trying to get my toilet working. Fail!

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