Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sparkles day out

DSCF1096Sunday and my visitor was imminent. Whilst waiting at the bridge Graham and Jane nb Alnwick stopped to unload their car onto their boat. Graham was off bell ringing. As I sat outside the shop on the low wall I instinctively waived at the car coming over the bridge. It was Kate a twitterer who had come for a day out with her son Charlie 5. Kate is thinking about buying a boat. A piping hot mug of tea was drunk and we set off. The wind was cold at first and it seemed that we would be wrapped up for the rest of the day. After locking through Cropredy Lock it started to warm up and by Broadmoor it was very pleasant if a bit windy at times. We had very pleasant trip up arriving just after 4pm. Finding a space by the pub gardens we moored up and went for a later dinner at the Wharf Inn.

DSCF1097As we were finishing our meal The Wrens arrived to start the car shuffle. All in all it was a lovely day. Kate was fun to be with and Charlie is a diamond. Charlie slept all the way home.