Thursday, 6 October 2011

Storage, Storage, Storage.

There are three things you need to consider when buying a boat. The shell, the engine, and storage. We all have a shell, that’s fixed we cant change that and the engine is sort of a bit expensive to change if we don’t like it. Storage is a variable and easily increased. People I talk to always say, “You can’t have too much storage.”

‘Storage, storage, storage you can’t have too much storage’. That’s what they say, but what is the truth of the matter? What is it that people want to store? If you want to ‘store’ it, why store it on your boat. I have loads of storage on the Milly M, but what is it I store. For instance, that corner cupboard you have in the kitchen that you can’t get proper access to, I had mine built so it could be accessed from the living room, but what do I keep in there? A pile of books about the Beatles, all my old vinyl records and a teapot that has only once seen the light of day since I put it there five years ago. So why? What do we keep this crap for? Just so we have lots of stuff!

I have stuff back home in my old garage (I don’t own the garage anymore) and for why? I am never going to use it. It is of no use on the boat. I just keep it, in case. You never know when someone might ask for something you have, although the chances are that when asked you find you threw out what you were asked for in favour of some piece of junk that no one will ever need. I kept a Tilley lamp glass recently, just in case, bugger me if someone didn’t ask if I had one. So I sorted it out and guess what? It had cracked.

There are some that store everything without consideration for why and there are some who live the minimalist life and store next to nothing. I would guess most of us are somewhere in the middle. We store stuff because it has memories or because we simply like it. There are of course the odd few who are somewhat pedantic about what they buy and what they store. Take the layflat hose for instance. The layflat hose is a pointless commodity. You can’t use it unless it is completely unrolled. Those people that use them moor up with their bow close to the water filler tap then spend half an hour laying it out in a huge loop and getting all the kinks out so water can actually flow, yet if you ask someone why they have one they will tell you ‘it takes up less space’. So where do they store it? In a front locker probably. They should look in their front locker and ask themselves if they are ever going to use that piece of wood/tin of paint/short length of rope or any of the other crap they are storing in there. The answer is most probably no! A proper user friendly hose on a reel does take up more space, but it is only space you have a pile of crap in anyway but remember you don’t have to unroll it completely to use it.

I have started chucking out my junk. It is very hard to do but do it I will. It is just a case of deciding when I can ‘let it go’. If I get shot of the stuff I don’t need then maybe I can resolve my ballasting problems and walk end to end in my boat without tripping over.

Storage “Bah humbug”. Storage encourages you to store crap you don’t need. The only advantage I can see is it saves on landfill!


James said...

Although I agree with you completely about storing *stuff* which is normally unnecessary (and as a hoarder I'm more guilty of this than anyone else!) the one useful thing that storage IS useful for is coal, if you're not allowed to store it off your boat. It's all very well piling it up on the roof, etc., but I much prefer being able to store a ton or so in the forepeak bow locker and under the floor in the well deck.

Maffi said...

Hello James
So why not on the roof. It is useful for balancing up the poo tank.

MortimerBones said...

I am not sure that storing coal in the spare sock draw, spare book case, or spare cupboard in the kitchen is going to catch on....

MortimerBones said...

I think the idea is that storage is used to store the things you need. If you got rid of the things you store in the cupboards and never use, and replace them with the things you store on the floor/ceiling/bed/etc and do use, life might involve less broken tilly lamp glass.

Anonymous said...

I think if we are honest with ourselves, most blokes are hoarders, reading your blog reminds me that I have a complete tilly lamp in my shed that hasn't been used for at least 10 years!! as a beach angler it was always my warm companion on a cold night, now the soul has gone and we all use led head torches instead.
ps I Love your blog you have a way with words that make me laugh out loud.

Beardy Chas
(friend of G & J NB Matilda Rose)

Jayne Toyne said...

AH, storage... I have a wee postcard stuck to my toilet door at home on the boat, given to me by a work friend. "I dream of storage" it says.
I do indeed dream of storage, practical useful ways to make useful things accessible in a rush.
Not one of my lockers or cubby holes is big enough to store a proper tool box or even sewing box, so I have lots of smaller ways of storing things within the storage areas. Nothing comes on my boat unless it has a use. (people included :D )
But, I DO have one of those lay flat hoses that winds up to a nano sized spool. IT'S BRILLIANT! And I hate it with a passion, but it is really useful and stores away in my tiny locker space. it slithers down the side of the diesel and oil cans, and lives inside a trug with my scrubbing brushes and rags. Since I only fill up with water once a month, I can put up with the unrolling nonsense.
I have a strict policy of one in one out for clothing and shoes and for anything else, if I dont use it in 6 months, it goes into quarantine. If it isnt used after another 6 months, its outta there, charity, given away, sold or whatever, I rarely throw anything away, I always find practical home or use for it. It's taken me 6 years of de cluttering to get this far... and my cupboards are still seemingly full. its like a salary, the more we earn the more we spend, and the more storage space we have the more we store. is it possible to have a spare empty cupboard for just in case in the same way I keep empty tupperware? because that would be storage of storage surely. hmm.