Wednesday, 12 October 2011

United? No!

I was a bit confused when Waterscape mentioned the 2000 miles of waterway, I queried this because I always thought there were 2200 miles. Apparently the Scottish waterways will not be included in the charity.


The charity will only be looking after 2,000 miles as Scotland's waterways will remain in the public sector.


Oh! So once again a section of the UNITED Kingdom has different rules. Not very united are we? Central Government want to hive off BW to the third sector. The Scottish canals will themselves still be a charity, but their funding will come from that well known philanthropic, easy touch Central Government.

I wonder if Scottish boaters will be getting the 6.4% hike in licence fees, that we south of the border are getting, or will the licence be scrapped like tuition fees?

Just asking questions.

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