Thursday, 27 October 2011

You get what you pay for

When it comes to bricks it is all important to use the correct ones. Or else they fail if you use cheap ones. Probably looked very nice when it was done. DSCF1428



Anonymous said...

It looks alright as it is. Rustic and used rather than sterile and perfect.


Maffi said...

Its frost damage mainly and had they used propper pavers then this would not need to be resurfaced in the near future. Not to mention having an uneven surface around a lock is tantamount to neglect of safety regulations and asking for trouble.

Anonymous said...

Being a civil engineer i am well aware of what cuase spalling on brickwork. My point was that it was that it is nice to see things left on a used state. People are more and more expecting everything to look pristine and be newly surfaced, not just on the waterways but generally.

The waterways are by their very existance a danger to life, but so is walking across the road or even living.

There is nothing in the pictures that you have posted to suggest any cause for undue concern. Not all locksides are perfectly landscaped and manicured and long may that live.


Maffi said...

It doesnt have to be nicely manicured but that area should have lasted longer than it has. At the moment it had deteriorated into a dangerous surface. I have worked my way through there both ways and I found it to be a trip hazard. My post point was that a bit more money spent at the begining and this would have lasted a lot longer than it has.

You may not see any reason for concern but my post reflects my concern and here that's what counts.

MortimerBones said...

I quite like the look of it - but as BW are so health and safety orientated this is a bit weird that there are loose bricks and uneven surfaces around - but then there is something rather strange about health and safety - especially considering the railings that were put around a particular wier thing in Thrupp and no consideration that any individual getting to the wier (and the person installing the railings) would have to navigate a huge plant pot that obstructs the whole thing!