Thursday, 1 December 2011


When we walk around a town/city centre we find the bits we can walk on in safety are different to the bits that we normally can’t. As can be seen in the first picture the edge of the walking bit is light grey, the vehicle bit is dark grey.  We have an awareness of the edge because of the contrast. 01122011856There is a very definite line between the two areas and we don’t have to walk around looking at the ground all the time to make sure we don’t fall off the curb which is about 4” – 6” high.01122011857However although this pavement  below looks as if it would be the same, it is most definitely not. The two rows of slabs at the top of the picture are level with the red road surface.
The curb is also only about 11/2"".


I have marked the edge of the curb in this next picture. There is a 11/2" drop a full foot before the contrast tells you to expect it. Today I met this problem and suffered great pain. And many of the people who came to my aid said they had done exactly the same thing.01122011858aIt is only a matter of time before it is more than a twisted ankle and some one is suing the council for broken bones or worse death, I fell forward when I went down this step. Had there been a bus coming I would have been squished.

Yes we could walk around looking at the ground but we would all be bumping into one and other, not to mention lampposts.

Now add to this that with a 11/2"" deep gutter heavy rain water will not be carried away to a drain as it would with a 4” – 6” gutter is but will flood over the pavement causing inconvenience to  pedestrians and possible flooding to shops.

Who designed this? What level of incompetence is required to be a designer? I think the council need to take a serious look at this. There is a lot of rebuilding/ remodeling going on in Coventry it would be as well to sort it before it is all finished and the claims start coming in.


Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi

I like the new picture on the blog. I prefer the realism of Milly M to the artistic quality of the bridge.



Maffi said...

The bridge was just for summer. Probably the best pic I ever took.

Sue said...

It's not gutters/edges that are the problem near here. We have wobbly paving slabs that splurt water up at you when trodden on, sinking block paving pavements, and mobile tarmac pavements. I ALWAYS walk with my eyes glued to the ground for fear of tripping!
Happy cruising,

Allan said...

Turn your pic up side down then it will be the right way up to say two grey rows at the top of pic, mean while on another note you are getting old pic up wrong way miss spelling words tripping down curbs or up them tripping over pins visiting hospitals sounds like old age to me, welcome to the club.

Wozie said...

I am following your lead Maffi, and have e-mailed Rugby Tescos about the problem of their trolleys ending up in the canal. It not only damages the bottoms of our boats, but turns their trolleys into scrap metal.
Their reply sounded helpful, unlike BW when I pointed out the dodgy water point mooring at Rugby!
I shall put the end results on our blog. nb Oakfield.