Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Mum, I shouldnt have to sit in this titchy basket while the Wonder Dog sits on a chair. Its just not fair!!! I don’t fit.



Kevin said...

Maffi you suprise me, you can make the Thrupp Bridge picture fit my screen but you can't make Boots fit the basket... shame on you... LOL

Wozie said...

Poor Boots, having such long legs is an asset when galloping along.
A bit of a problem when trying to fold them into such small spaces though!
He certainly knows how to milk that soulful look!

Kevin Ronnie said...

for the longterm me thinks Boots needs Mum (her with the penchant for DIY) to create a traditional 'bed ole' at the back of the good ship Bones!
Now that would be real fun to read about in Canal Boat Magazine.....

As for you Maffi... look at Bones' face. You bad lad. LOL

MortimerBones said...

Dear Boots,
All you need to do is turn around and creep through the small place where food sometimes drop on the floor and the monster in the white box periodically grumbles and tip toe through the open door and in that room stand tall and there is one of those bed things that Granny and grandpa have you could sleep on that.
Don't forget to do your parachute ears if you get caught.
Lots of love