Friday, 20 January 2012

Breaking News

Administrative errors by the organising team of the Queens Jubilee Flotilla have resulted in the canals top bloggers being left off the list. None of the top waterways bloggers have been included in the royal line up, not even me!. Neither Sue nb No problem nor Andrew Denny nb Granny Buttons or even yours truly on the Milly M will be taking part in the biggest flotilla for several hundred years. Such an oversight is inexcusable.

Sue was well put out and Granny too. Fortunately for nb Epiphany they will be on the Lancaster Canal so are not too offended. I on the other hand as the resident Mr Goody-two-shoes thought I would be included just to keep me sweet. Don’t these people understand social politics.

Well that’s me done, I am not turning up to her birthday bash this year, Liz will have to do without me. No sorry Your Maj you can send as many invitations as you like, One has to make a stand.

Smile with tongue out


nb.bobcat said...

Ah but Indigo Dream are flying our flag aint they?

Aren't they good enough?

Maffi said...

Maybe but what about us?

Anonymous said...

No, Indigo Dream is not in either. Obviously not enough tidal experience :-)