Wednesday, 11 January 2012

BW Scotland?

Wheel of fortune: Amor’s £2.3m waterways contract
(Unfortunate choice of headline)

By Peter Ranscombe
Published on Wednesday 4 January 2012 02:09

AMOR Group, the fast-growing Scottish IT firm, yesterday unveiled a £2.3 million deal with British Waterways Scotland, the body that runs the Union and Forth & Clyde canals and the Falkirk Wheel boat lift.

The Inchinnan-based company will design a computer system for the canal operator, which is being split up from its partner organisations in England and Wales and so needs stand-alone IT infrastructure.

Amor said it will fulfil the three-year contract by using the Scottish Government data centre at Saughton House in Edinburgh, which the company also runs.

Debs Hurst, financial controller at British Waterways Scotland, said: “With Scottish ministers having decided we shall remain in public ownership as a stand-alone public body, we needed a partner to help us develop a new IT system that is flexible enough to support business growth. We are delighted to partner with Amor.


I don’t know that much about all this computer system stuff but I am relatively good at flim-flam and bullshit. I have in the past written contracts for military computer system albeit for a smaller system 20 years ago, but even then my budget was about £200,000.

BW Scotland will have 200 miles of waterways to manage after they get cut off from the main system. I can imagine they will need much more than a couple of dozen staff in the office and the same on the ground [most contracted out]. The work of such a small organisation could probably be carried out on half a dozen laptops.  So will someone please tell me how such a small system needs £2.3 million pounds worth of computers. They already have most of the hardware and they may or may not need to actually disconnect it from the current nationwide system.

Amor are the fastest growing IT company in Scotland I am not bloody surprised with contracts like that coming in

With bulk buying discount they would probably be able to buy 10,000 laptops or more. Thats 50 laptops for every mile of water. Are they really serious. Don’t they know there is a recession on. We can’t afford to be throwing money away like this. At this time. What ever happened to

“We are all in this together”

its just a twee little sound bite like all the other shite we are constantly fed by the bastards that run the show both in BW, the fat cats, the Government in fact every one for who the recession means no more than a new tax avoidance trick to side step a minor inconvenience. 

Oooo I think I have just had a funny turn Cough! and moving swiftly on . . . . . . . . .


Andrew said...

The first thing I think is who owns the AMOR Group - who will gain from such a daft amount of money on IT. Who's pocket will the profit go into ? Did the deal go out to tender ? I smell a rat here as most people will do I expect. Maybe the computers could be used to stop up the holes and reduce leaks?

Ann Street said...

I can't remember the figures off hand but at present BW Scotland pays BW south of the border and amazingly large amount for the use of the IT system and doing things like issuing licences etc. BWS has looked at all the items currently under that umbrella and has taken some of them in house and is outsourcing others to Scottish based companies. Although the number of miles of canals up here is quite small, because of the geography and nature of some of the canals (the Caley and Crinan) maintenance costs are a lot higher than a similar length of canal south of the border, I imagine.
BWS have looked very critically at what it does and what it needs to do when deciding where to spend the money it recieves from the Scottish Government. I presume that as well as IT systems to support the activities the fee covers such things as the official web site.
Having spent my life in IT, I agree that the sums for new IT systems seem to be ridiculously high and I just hope that the new BWS system doesn't fall into the category of many large systems which failed to deliver despite their cost - Inland Revenue, NHS, Police, all spring to mind.
Ann Street

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but as an IT Manager, I think I'm qualified to comment.

I dont know the details but the money isn't just simply to buy a bunch of laptops. They need a complete IT infrastructure which not only includes the hardware but networks both local and wide area, the servers, the back office applications, backup facilities,databases designed and built, disaster recovery solutions and process's, support agreements................shall I continue????

Trust me, 2 mil doesn't buy many man hours.

Chris W

Maffi said...

Chris why are you sorry you are qualified to comment?

TO be precise Chris on my income 2 mill buys about half a million man hours and that sir, is a f**king lot.

Anonymous said...

Is called being polite - I'm not agreeing to your opinion, that's why I'm sorry.

As to the 2 mill, of course at a man in the street's typical remuneration that gets a lot of hours (especially mine) but to get things into perspective, I've just signed off a purchase order for 0.4 mill for ONE years support for ONE software product my company uses in its operations.

As I said, 2 mill doesn't go very far I'm afraid - consider the failed NHS spine at 16.8 BILLION if you want real wastage - that's disgusting IMO

Chris W