Sunday, 15 January 2012


Even though we were promised by the government that the Freedom of Information Act would be applicable to The Canal and Rivers Trust when the operations are transferred from British Waterways it seems like most Government promises this one is as empty as any others.

The Sunday Express has discovered that the promise will only last for two years. So much for government promises. The small print of a Defra document published last month reveals that there will be a review of the pledge in 2014. Should the Government think that the administrative burden of complying with the Act has placed the new charity in a “disadvantageous” position compared with charities then it will reconsider the commitment.

If the CRT is placed in a “disadvantageous” position compared with other charities then surely its the other charities that need to comply with the FOI. It cannot be right that any charitable organisation is allowed to operate without the level of transparency the FOI affords.

But what disadvantage are they talking about? Would it prevent people from donating if they were able to see what salaries, bonuses and pensions were being paid to the bosses. Yeah that’s probably it!

David Cameron has been spouting on about the ‘Big Society’ since before he became the second biggest flim-flam artist ever. I wonder if he will ever stop treating citizens like they were stupid. Hey David how about a bit of honesty. I think we could probably all get together if it was:-

The Big Honest Society

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