Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Judges send Qatada back to jail
BBC Tuesday, 2 December 2008
A radical preacher, who has been dubbed Osama Bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe, has been returned to jail after judges agreed he might abscond.
Law Lords back Qatada deportation
BBC Wednesday, 18 February 2009
The Law Lords have ruled that radical cleric Abu Qatada can be deported from the UK to Jordan where he faces jail for terrorism.
Abu Qatada jail 'justified', High Court rules
BBC Friday, 19 March 2010
A high-security prison governor acted reasonably when he tried to prevent a Muslim preacher "radicalising" Muslim inmates, the High Court has ruled.

_45488059_a98e0f6f-f9d0-4966-85ec-a18043524600These are just some of the quotes about this Arab despot from our Judges. They seem to have him nailed yet for the last ten years yet this poor excuse for a man has given the courts of this country the run around.

I really dislike it when the BBC or any of our newspapers call this man Abu Qatada for this is not his name. His real name is Omar Mahmoud Mohammed Othman. Abu means Father or esteemed father and Qatada is probably the name of his first son. Abu Qatada = Esteemed father of Qatada. To him you and I are just the ‘infidels’. When I was in Saudi I was sometimes referred to as Abu Toby. In the Arab culture this is, as you can see, a term of endearment. We don't want to endear this man to ourselves.

Now about this Jordan thing. I cant help wondering, given that Omar Mahmoud Mohammed Othman was born of Palestinian/Jordanian parents in Israel why he has to go to Jordan. It really shouldn’t matter to us where he goes all we should have to do is simply give him a week to arrange somewhere to go. He could go to Palestine, he could go to Israel or any of the other 70+ Islamic republics that there are in the world. This man, with the eyes of death, has no claim on this country whatsoever he has abused our hospitaliy and cost us a lot of spondoolicks making sure his human rights were not interfered with. That would be the very same human rights  that he would have refused each and everyone of us had we not cottoned on to him.

Some years ago when it was decreed that he would be deported Human rights group Amnesty International said it was "gravely concerned" about the ruling's implications.

Spokesman Nicola Duckworth said: "No-one should be deported to face a risk of torture, whatever they might be alleged or suspected to have done.

(He doesn’t have to go back to Jordan)

"States simply cannot pick and choose which people have human rights.

(unlike Omar Mahmoud Mohammed Othman who chooses who can live and who can die)

"If these individuals in question are reasonably suspected of having committed a criminal offence relating to terrorism, it is always open to the UK authorities to charge them and give them a fair trial."

I kinda think he has had more than a fair crack of the whip (no pun intended!) and he should stop wasting our money. I cant help wondering where the Nichola Duckworths are when his victims are dead and dying. Show him to the airport let him choose.


Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

Being something of a "do gooders institution" in some peoples mind. Amnesty International and their work is often the butt end of others bile. They don't make any choices, they don't weigh up the evidence. Whenever someone’s human rights are seen to be infringed or threatened. Amnesty address the issue, without fear or favour. They are neither friend or foe but they are a voice with a basic compassion. Many people in this world are subjected to inhuman treatment and Amnesty is their only advocate.

Tom and Jan said...

Looking at it from another perspective. I suppose it might be better to have him locked up as a common criminal in the UK and watched so he can’t produce martyrs, rather than have him in Jordan where he can achieve his desire of becoming a martyr thereby spawning hundreds more.

It appears to be a strange human phenomenon that the more people with alternative beliefs appear to be persecuted by the establishment....... The more followers they attract! (eg, Jesus, Mohammed)

Kevin said...

Spot on Maffi, can I be the first to whip him please?