Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I felt the need to share

Apparently Americans go Shopping like this, WHY!!!

image33OK bud that comb-over isn’t fooling any one.

image1Hey lady ya momma said showing a ‘little’ cleavage is sexy.

image5Have you been wearing that since you wus ten?

image9Hookers have to shop!


Hey Co-Co I wondered where you had got to

image14Each to his own

image16Lady I am sure you are a very nice person, but Hot Buns you ain’t got.

image18An aging Batman takes a vacation.

image19Does your wife know you are wearing them?

image20Aw c’mon wear ya kids wardrobe when she is older and more like your size.

image23And at what point in getting dressed this morning did you think “Damn I’m looking hot in this outfit.”



Mum is that a good example to be setting your child.image28


Have a nice day Sir?





Ma’am ya puppies are getting away




Please tell me you have ya underwear in there lady

image37Sir to wear this style properly ya should hitch up ya underwear. Y’all aint got none? Shit!


You is kiddin’ me right?




Somewhere there has got to be a Sylvester puddy tat!



bert the gnome said...

Gotta be Wallmart related!These are some of the nicer ones I've seen

Maffi said...

Given it says Wal-Mart in the bottom right hand corner thats a good guess. I have some that would make one puke on the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

what is it with America Maffi? Do you have any wise words on the matter?
How can someone be so ugly & only have one head?

Im now intrigued, be brave & post some more.

Kevin Ronnie

F A T I S T said...

Dear Anonymous
Four of the pictures had 'normal' size people in them. They were not my pictures. As far as your comment is concerned, I do the shouting around here. Take note you dont get posted unless I say and I dont say unless you put your N A M E!

I would like to be able to see things from your point of view but unfortunately I cannot get my head that far up my arse.

Maffi said...

Dear Anonymous

Thank you for your kind words. Sorry to disapoint you but they mean nothing to me mainly because they are vacuous.

This is the toilet wall if you dont want to read the toilet wall then dont take a dump. Oh wait you havent that is why you are so full of shit.

Now go away and play . . .with yourself.

Mike In Garnet, Ontario said...

Walmartians indeed, but I suspect the calendar is October and most of the boxes ahve been x'd.
Don't happen up here in the Great White North, that's fer sure!