Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I think . . . . .

. . . . the Boaters Manifesto is now officially dead in the water.

From Twitter

 workboatpug Workboat Pug
aka Jonathan David Ody

Daily Rant: Where exactly do boaters get the impression that they have a right to be listened to??? If you don't like it >> caravans, ennit?

This from a man who claims to be the voice of the Oxford waterways. I can’t think of any boater who will accept a statement like that how ever well intentioned the original idea of the site. Someone throw him a lifebelt.


Alan Fincher said...

Oh dear!

Maffi said...

Oh dear in deed you should read twitter. @workboatpug
The hole gets deeper.

matty40s said...

Oh dear indeed x 2
this was the same chap who used the C$%t word as a valuable discussion tool??
I don't do facebook officially (!) so haven't seen all the arguments.however, the group seems to be representing a microcosm of views, and is going down in ever decreasing circles.

Jonny Hotten said...

"This from a man who claims to be the voice of the Oxford waterways." - really? where does he claim that?

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Maffi

I've had a butchers at both Twotter & Spacebook. (head in hands). The great idea for a 'Boaters manifesto', potentially spoiled? Here's hoping not.

Kevin Ronnie

Jonny Hotten said...

... and I've been saying this for years, nothing's new!

The similarities between boats and caravans are striking, in fact I believe now that there's a trend that chandleries are marketing themselves as caravan suppliers also? And no risk of sinking and nonathat nasty propane/hydrogen sulphate/petrol/CO build up to worry about, it wouldn't be much of a switch for many of the static livaboards we have round here. You can always get a car next to a caravan, and there are far more of them than there are boats? Probably cheaper too, a win all round!

I've just posted my 15,000th tweet. I've said it elsewhere that if you want to deliberately discredit someone who speaks publicly then all you need to do is pick something out from their many spoken words and twist it to your own ends, it might have even happened to you here before. Dianne Abbott springs to mind ;) (even if this was not your intent as we see from Mattys comment above it can easily be taken on by less-informed others to do so and this post quickly appeared in two different places on facebook, free advertising woohoo!)

My twitter account is at http://twitter.com/workboatpug, I'd like to invite you all to come and join the other #boatsthattweet at the forefront of social media (and other mundane randomness). Introduce yourself and I'll recommend you a personalised list of waterways tweeters for you to follow, there's loads to choose from and you'll be amazed what you might discover.

(As for being the voice of Oxford waterways, I'm afraid I can't claim that, I dont think anyone can, I wish we did have a spokesman we'd be a lot better off. I do have another account called @OxonWaterways tho, which might be what you meant, but that is computer program for automated repeating of things that other people say about waterways in oxford, that might be what you mean? - also worth a follow, especially for the photo gallery)

Cheers again, again!