Monday, 23 January 2012

NME honours 'genius' Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher is to be honoured with the "Godlike Genius" title at this year's NME Awards for his contribution to music.

He said,
"I accept that I am now a genius, just like God."

Well that’s good, not only is he a total arse he thinks he’s a deity. He will be insufferable! Oh! no changes there then.


Kevin said...

Hi Maffi,
Sorry but this is an off topic comment. Is it me or is your Thrup Bridge picture a tad on the L A R G E size? It is about 150% wider than my screen! But it still looks good :) LOL

Kevin said...

Oh bugger... there are two p's in Thrupp... I can't even copy type :(

Maffi said...

Yeah you're right Kevin but try as I might I cant change it. Four times I have tried now, the file size is in Kb, but to no avail. Its the same picture as I used to have.

Maffi said...

Sorted, Wish I could remember what I did!

Allan said...

Old age your passed 60, now your memory is going.