Saturday, 14 January 2012

North of the border

Well, well, well, our countrymen north of the border want to have a referendum on devolution/independence. I think that is a great idea However, given that they are a part of the union, the whole of the Union should be able vote. This is something that will affect all of us. And besides  we want to make a sure they get a yes vote, don’t we?

We that are left after the split should be better off and might want to encourage the rebuilding of Hadrian’s wall. The Scotch* don’t want us to be involved, but that is unfair. The English have been governed by the Scotch* for too long. The British Government (cabinet) for many years has been liberally doused with people whose first language has been their often difficult version of English, a sort of celtic patwa.

Central Government Fund part of the local councils budget in England, Wales and Scotland to different levels. England gets less per head of population than Wales who get less per head of population than Scotland.  Which means England gets less than both of them. Lets cut the Scotch** nation free and see if they survive.

*Before anyone gets pedantic Scotch is English for Scot.
** the nation that makes Scotch.

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Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

Are we back to beating up the Scots again. I thought we had done away with all that years ago. In a reverse sort of logic the Scots are I suppose doing their own clearance by cutting the bonds. Notice I don't use the word ties.

No tuition fees for students - no prescription charges - no hospital postcode lottery - Maybe we should wait until they have gained their independence then ask if England can join the independent nation of Scotland as a junior partner. Just think of all the money coming in from north sea gas.

One moment whilst I cover myself in woad.