Tuesday, 3 January 2012

North of Nuneaton

This burnt out plastic hull is just north of Nuneaton, Funnily enough the next bridge down from the washing machine in this post. Apparently this hull is now across the water causing an obstruction.


Anonymous said...

Please tell why don,t you show all the rubbish and shit that,s on the north and south oxford canal,s and especially around Thrupp [ blown from the pubs and greasy spoon oop,s T rooms ]. Then again having a closer look maybe you do. ....Andy Brown

Maffi said...

There was very little rubbish before I left because I made sure it was cleared. The tearoom clears their space daily.

I have posted before Christmas about the rubbish I collected below Banbury and mad a big issue about Napton, Braunston, Prison Bend, Hillmorton, Rugby, All Oaks, Ansty, Hawkesbury. I think I have done the Oxford to death. Thank you for reading.

Ray Oakhill said...

What else would you expect in Nuneaton? It really is time that town took some pride in it's waterway. As I've said before 'the arse'ole of the Midland Canals.'