Monday, 23 January 2012

The number you are calling . . . .

I don’t know about all you guys but all my phone numbers are saved onto the phone so when I want to call someone I look for their name on the list and press call. Now that is simple. Eazy Peazy. So why is it than when the phone I am calling goes to voice mail does the ‘voice’ tell me what number it is that I am calling. I don’t know if its right and I don’t really care. It was right the last time I called and I haven’t changed anything, but still they persist. When will they realise that no one cares, it doesn’t matter. They never say anything useful such as “your mum is pissed with you and isn’t answering her phone” or “the drunk you were out with last night doesn’t want to talk.” or “that chick you were getting giggy with? she doesn’t want to know,” you know what I am saying, something that you need to know. No they just trot out the number that your phone gave them and they do it with that superior air that makes you want to punch them. Bloody bastards!

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