Thursday, 5 January 2012

Samuel Smith thieves

It cannot be right that a brewery owner can suspend staff because they refuse to break the law. Samuel Smiths Brewery  have demanded their managers serve every pint 5% short. The manager at one pub, The Junction, give their customers what they ask for. On New Years Eve one of the brewery owners walked into the Royton pub at 8.30 in the evening and shut  the pub. Mean, selfish, fascist. Whilst I feel sorry for the manager and his wife I hope the pub closes for ever due to lack of customers.

Full story here


Steve said...

Everyone blaims the smoking ban as the reason pubs are closing at the rate they are. This is simply not the case though its not helping.

Your post highlights the plight of many pub landlords (my daughter included) to the greed of the brewerys.

Many pubs, like my daughters, have closed because the greedy brewery bosses are inreasing the rents and cost of a barrel all the time. Landlords simply find it impossible to make ends meet so are forced to close down. As more pubs close the rents for others are increased to compensate.

Like you I hope the brewery goes out of business then the greedy bosses will know how their employees are suffered as the purse strings snap. Though one has to feel for the pub staff and their families.

Anonymous said...

The practice of serving short measure is widespread throughout the pub industry. As an experiment fill a milk bottle or other 1pt container with water then pour it into a beer glass. Compare tbe resltant level with the amount of beer (excluding the head) you get in a "pint" glass down the pub.
The law allows a "pint" to contain only 95% liquid. Imagine the uproar if this applied to a litre of petrol.

Maffi said...

You are right Jim 95% but they are duty bound to fill it if you ask. However this is an industry imposed rule. There has not been a government for 50 years that has had the ball to mak it law. Hence we are being RIPPED OFF to the tune of £4.5 billion a year.

Anonymous said...

and also the revenue as the tax is charged on the barrel so the extra pints are even more profitable!skpt

Anonymous said...

Was in the plough in braunston the other day short again. have decided not to use pubs anymore. p.s. heading to k@a will see you soon love timewarp