Wednesday, 4 January 2012


It is nearly three years since I quit smoking. 27 February  2009. I say this not because I want cheers (waits for cheers to cease) but so you know I speak with the tongue of a ‘reformed sinner’, and they can be such a pain. When I was in Rugby a while back, outside of a small block of flats, canal side, along the edge of the canal were hundreds of dog-ends seemingly thrown from the flats into the canal, but not quite making the distance. Cigarette ends proliferate along the canal side. I remember I used to flick my dog-ends into the water as I went along. And I hate myself for it now. In parts of Oxfordshire there is a fine of £75 for dropping a cigarette end in the street or public place. I think Abingdon has signs up. I don't see why that cant be applied across the board. Enforcement would be a problem, but we shouldn't let that stop us making laws that in time will improve the environment. Lack of enforcement has never before been used as an excuse.


deb said...

Hi Maffi
I am catching up on-line after 2 weeks without an internet connection and was startled but pleased to see my face in your current blog page banner. My mind is already slipping back to pleasant memories of that trip.
BTW, it looks like we may be back in the UK sometime in the first half of 2013. I need to decide which canal to do next :-)
Deb (NZ)

Maffi said...

Apparently the pristine picture I had of the bridge wasn't representive of the canal so I am using more 'alive' pictures so if it OK you will be here for a couple of weeks.

Tom and Jan said...

Hell hath no fury like a reformed smoker...... I know.... I'm married to one :-)
I agree with your comments!