Thursday, 26 January 2012

Trust BW

Ruth Ruderham was appointed last year to the role of fund raising manager, by British Waterways for the new CRT. She will be on an salary of £70,300 pa. So before the CRT is even a legally constituted charity it is already £70k+ in the red. I get the idea she will be swimming through treacle. She had better be good.

As of yet BW have not released the salary details of Daniel Charles the Individual Giving Manager (yeah I asked that).

How much hard work are these two going to have to do just to stand still?


Anonymous said...

More jobs for the boys and girls

Heth said...

The "Individual Giving Manager" sounds a lot like the "Happiness Engineer" I unfortunately had to contact in order to get a refund for something I'd been charged twice for.

The happy guy was a miserable git, so don't expect the Giving Manager to live up to such a farcical title either.

Absurd job descriptions can be cryptic. Or even opposite to what they're presented as. Which is yet another thing that installs no confidence..


Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi

Never mind swimming through treacle, at that salary I'd expect her to walk on water!