Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Canal & River Trust

Seen in Thrupp.
DSCF2992What ever we may think, the Canal & River Trust is here to stay. It’s name doesn't really lend itself to the CaRT. It will, I am sure, become the CRT. Whatever associations we have now with CRT (cathode ray tube), that was yesterday let us move on. CRT does roll off the tongue easier than BWB.

I am, however, a bit concerned that in all the blurb they never seem to mention boats. it’s no good them saying, “Don’t worry we won’t forget the boats.” Because its not what they say counts, it’s what’s written into the instruments of law.

Crying face


Andrew said...

So the name on the new truck is for ? something that is not yet reality. A bit like driving on false number plates.

Maffi said...

no, preparedness, look it up