Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cowards comments

I always think allowing people to use the anonymous option, for comments, encourages cowards to try to be offensive. I am currently moored outside the Jolly Boatman surrounded by a couple of inches of ice. Only small minded people would expect me to move. I would much rather be on my way to Stratford, but here I am. I must admit if I must be iced in then here is better than in the middle of nowhere. Only an idiot would not stop somewhere with  'facilities' if getting stuck is highly likely! I will not comment on this moron's verbal trash again. If he wants to talk he knows where I am.


Sue said...

Is Ok in the winter to stop. Anons and non boaters don't understand that time stops still right now. BW do. T'is chill out time in many ways at the moment. We have to live with the way we have chosen, we try to. ;-)

Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

Maffi - When you write a blog you are inviting comment from your readership. Some will be supportive, some will be indifferent and some will be negative unfortunately some will be personal. Its what’s called life’s imbalance.

What you will find is that your readership will judge the published comments by relevance and content. However, you have an ultimate sanction to leave unpublished or you can modify the content to reflect its meaning whilst moderating the content.

Chomping on the bit and writing about it only encourages the troll to spit out their personal venom. Being ignored is exactly what the troll does not want, they tire very easily. I never pass their comments on I never publish their venom. I give them no credence unless its on my terms.

It can however be fun to poke them with a stick.

Mick n Mags

Keith (Boatman) said...

We are iced in at Market Harborough, knowing this would happen, I emailed BW to inform them that we would be overstaying at the 48 hour moorings. If anyone complains I will just refer them to BW, and let them deal with it, simples!

Jo (Boatwoman) said...

We only move if we have to in the ice. Many people do not understand the dangers of moving when everything is icy. As Sue says time stops still for us all at the moment. Hugss to you Maffi ;0)

Maffi said...

This is not an election you idiot you are slagging me off you are a coward hiding behind anonimity. You know me, I dont know you, nor do I wish to. You are the weakest link, good bye!

Fiona said...

We contacted BW s soon as we saw ice to say we would be overstaying until we were happy that we would not endanger ourselves, our boat or other boats. The reply was that they were happy for us to do so. It s always best to ignore ignorance!

Allan said...

I here in Kent am parked under a foot of snow and cant move my car but they have not and will not tow it away as weather is to blame and the police have said that it ok, so it must be the same for you guys and girls on boats.

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