Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Cuts so far,

17,000 Army,
11,000 Navy,
5,000 RAF,
56,000 NHS,
16,000 Police,
710,000 Public Sector,
0 Bankers.........

Nuff said


Allan said...

Well you can’t cut the Bankers we needs them to almost bankrupt us.
If we come under attack our allies will send in their Army’s, Navy’s, And Air Force,
The Nurses will be re-employed back through private agencies with better pay costing the NHS even more.
The Police will do what they always do target more motorist as they are the easiest to catch and less paper work.
And then we will clean our own streets, take our own rubbish to the tips look after our own elderly, Rob steal and shot any body that gets in our way.
The one thing they won’t cut is the Billons of aid we give to so called third world countries for their poor, that their government’s use to buy arms and line their own pockets . We give aid to Pakistan as if they needed it , then how are they able to give more than we give them in aid to other county’s as if they needed it in the first place, we are just a soft touch for all but our own.
We can’t house the people that are here now yet the government will not cut/stop more coming here for whatever free bee’s they can screw out of this giving country .
There I’ve said it and thats my opinion for today
Publish and be Dammed

Oakie said...

That makes 815000 less peeps paying tax. It's time the government created some jobs - not taking them away! Surely this is a no brainer!

Allan said...

Here i go again on me soap box.
No I don’t think it’s more jobs that need to be created, just for the sake of creating a job, its kick all the lazy money crabbing asses back to the first port that they came through before they ended up here on the gravy train they have put nothing in, but take out whatever they can.
Blow up the channel tunnel close the boarders and look after our own, be them black or white that have put something back in to this country, that was Great Briton, and get out of Europe its costing us a fortune for Europe to tell us what to do and when to do it, and we let them tell us what to do., and we get shafted every time. Our fathers and grandfathers great grandfathers fought in two world wars for freedom is this it? I don’t think so; they would be turning over in their graves because what they fought for was not what we have now.
Well yet again this is only my opinion, you might have a different one but is it a better one, we have more fakes goods frauds and scams than we have ever had and yes some of it is by our own people but me thinks a lot lot more is not, maybe you know different.
We give aid to these countries’ that burn our flags and call us names and for what? So our poor get poorer and treated like they have no rights in their own country when all who come here by whatever mean they can, get housing and then have the cheek to say it’s not good enough, they want bigger and better than everyone else. Well I say shame on Great Briton for allowing this to happen it’s about time we stepped up to the plate and were counted. Let’s put the GREAT back in to GREAT BRITON and be proud of who we are.