Sunday, 26 February 2012

Grants Lock to Banbury

This is typical of the scene at a lot of locks. Contractors cut down the rushes and morons dump their shit it all ends up at the locks and is pulled out and dumped there. Will it be removed? Who knows?

I just hate seeing this rubbish around. Had I a landing net available I would have been able to take a lot more rubbish out to the water point. It seems to be the local pastime ‘chuck it in the canal’.

This is the winding hole at the end of the tramway. That blue thing to the left is a wheelie bin split in half. It has been there some time, certainly back in October and I am sure it was there the time before when I came to Banbury, but no one who has turned here has thought to move it to the rubbish point. Well don’t bother its not there any more.


The problem is caused by those that dump the rubbish, boaters and locals. It is exacerbated by BW, contractors and local councils. It will not take much to make a big improvement if we all get  involved. “It’s not my job,” is no longer an acceptable response to the problem.

If we don’t do it IT WILL NOT GET DONE.

BIn-liners are a £ at the pound shops a pair of gardening gloves likewise. So 2quid will set you up as a volunteer. Every where you stop walk a couple of hundred yards up and down the canal and pick up everything you see that isn’t natural. Then take it with you to the waste point. At locks have a good look in the hedgerows it is surprising what’s in there. Rummage through the piles of rushes and remove the rubbish.Take any prop foul you remove from your prop with you in a carrier bag. I reckon 90% of all the rubbish could be removed in the first year.

We have nothing to lose and a beautiful canal to gain.


bert the gnome said...

Well said!
As usual, I'll be out with my litter picker and bin bags somewhere this week.

Allan said...

Bonfire night is only 249 days away

Anonymous said...

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