Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hang ‘em High

I found these chairs dumped along the canal by the railway really too far away form houses to be anything other than from a boats. If you should recognise them let me know I will let you have them back so you can dispose of them properly.27012012985These three bags of rubbish are almost certainly not boaters rubbish. I found them 500 yards from the canal across the railway down a track and into the woods. Sort of in the middle of nowhere. Far to far for a lazy assed boater to dump them off don’t you think.

29012012986How they got to where I found them I do not know. It is a lot of rubbish to be be walkers.



I don’t think education is going to prevent this sort of fly tipping

Execution is the only answer.


Graham & Jill said...

Hear, hear.

Allan said...

Hear hear, I hear you say but why not just dispose of your rubbish at one of the many collection points, Oh silly me that would be to easy for them. I have the same problem where I live, I live in a flat and the people that live in the houses just come over and dump there rubbish not in our bins but beside them, and if it aint in the bin the dustmen wont take it.So the animals break open the bags and we end up with nappys and all sorts all over the place. Then the people in the houses have the cheek to say that we in the flats are just so dirty leaving our rubbish to blow every were makeing the estate look untidy. Bring back Hanging

The Grumpy Porter said...

Could be boaters, they seem to go to extraordinary lengths to get their rubbish into the hedge and by the stream down by Roundham lock rather than walk it less than ten minutes up the towpath to the bins at Langford Lane. I’m afraid we have some very uncivilised people amongst us in the boating community

Maffi said...

I was there yesterday at Roundhams lock its disgusting.