Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kings Sutton

Moored at Tyle Mill I took a walk into Kings Sutton across the water meadow which, because of the lack of wet stuff from the sky, was dry. KS is bigger than I thought and further away. It felt like many miles. I got lost there and was lucky to do so because I found the Old Post House. Now this is odd because the OPH, the smaller building here, has always been a stable. In fact the hayloft is still there. So what makes it a Post house?


Set in the wall behind the mini-skip is this George V post box made by W T Allen of London. It will have been there a little over 100 years. There is still a W T Allen in London. Examples of Allen’s castings can be found  all over the world.

200220121014There is an older version of this one in Odisha, India that is still in use today!


Graham said...

Could the Post House have been a stables for the changing of post horses on mail coaches?

Chris said...

I guess that the post box makes it so:
n. 1. A house established for the convenience of the post, where relays of horses can be obtained.
2. A house for distributing the malls; a post office.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.

Anonymous said...

perhaps it relates to the days before the royal mail as we know it today. the post came a bit like the pony express and you paid the man for your letter. could be where he changed horses.skpt

Maffi said...

I dont think so it is off the main road. and by the time this was installed all mail was transported by train.

Anonymous said...

There is on of these with VR from br 101 at nethercote by tibbits farm. all good stuff buddy. happy cruising jackie