Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Well I wasn’t the first one on the water point yesterday. I was woken by Rocket passing through, who himself would want to fill and empty so there was no rush. I turned over for another hour. I was reawakened by Dusty who invited me into the Jolly Boatman for breakfast. I said I would go for tea. He moored next to “It’ll never happen’ but in doing so passed my boat 5 times (back and forth pushing the ‘ice floes’ out of the way). He came back knocked on the door and said did I want a breakfast? Apparently Andy didn’t like the idea of me sitting drinking tea watching Dusty eat a full English and so provided for me also. The best Full English ever.

I walked Molly across the fields and stopped at Annie’s Tea Room to say hello. More tea. Going back to my boat I noticed that the other two boats had moved. I could  not put it off any longer. I moved at the slowest pace I could to the water point where I topped up my water and emptied my black tank then off I went. I moored on a friends mooring in Shipton where I will stay for a day or two while I construct a box to go on my roof. I should have done it at the pub where there are benches I could use for sawing.


Maffi said...

You are welome to come and ask me to move.

Sue said...

Err? I'd just ignore that ittitant mate!
So, Stratford is at last on the cards? Yippee