Friday, 3 February 2012

Modern Tecchnology

I was asked at Christmas if I was au fait with modern Technology.

The main comment I made was the need for a ‘competence button’. I do have a problem with my computer or mobile phone when I keep getting asked “Do you really want to do that?” “Yes of course I really want to do that or I wouldn’t have pressed close/delete/don’t save. I find it most annoying.

Apparently that is the main function that ‘people’ want on their gadgets according to market research. I wont argue with that, but I don't want it and should be able to switch off. To satisfy those that cannot decide what button to press they can have an idiot button.

I say this because the times I have lost anything important was because of program glitches and not because I have shut down erroneously.

I do find it odd that while you can block a contact or spammer on the computer, you have to contact your SP to block a phone number. I have often wondered why this is. Can we not be trusted to decide which numbers we feel the need to block.  We should be asking to be able to block numbers we consider to be annoying or bad people.

And what is it with private numbers? The phone rings and the screen says  Private Number. Me being me I usually cancel the call'. I don’t want to talk to anyone that wont tell me who they are (a lot of engineering has gone into giving that facility to me, and I don’t want to hear ‘privacy‘ crap). A minute or so later I get a voice message from who ever telling me what their number is and can I call back. Well no I can’t. You want to call me why should I pay? If you displayed your number I would have seen who it was calling and answered. Why is it that every council/government dept have this facility. Why are they hiding? What is the point?

Only cold callers should have this facility then you could pick up the voice mail and block the b*st*rds.

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A Rival Wild Pyramid said...

I suspect a lot of the time it's their PABX not playing nicely with the public phone system. Don't forget that they may be using kit bought 20-30 years ago.