Monday, 6 February 2012


There are 65 days of mooring here, 31 miles. I have been back 46 days. I didn’t plan to stay this long, but I couldn’t leave my friend at this time.

If anyone has a problem with this you could discuss it with the proper authorities, that’s BW. My licence number is 514856.

Shipton 14D
Jolly Boatman 14D
Oxford 48H
Aristotle Lane 24H
Thrupp 48H
Shipton 14D
Sparrow Gap Bridge 14D
Hythe Bridge 48H
Jolly Boatman 48H ICED IN

Next stop Stratford!


BigJohn said...

Re Stratford - Have you checked the Winter Stoppages or are you assuming the ice will take a while to melt?

Maffi said...

Well it will take sometime to get to a junction where I need to worry.

The Grumpy Porter said...

Some ones getting to you, please don't let them. We went down to Stratford last summer and really enjoyed it, some of the locks mights be a bit hard if your on your own. Have a good journey when you can get away.