Sunday, 26 February 2012

Not again!

Here we have l-r Blackthorn – Hawthorn – some briar or bramble. On the Oxford canal you can find these all along the towpath. No I don’t mean along the side of the towpath I really do mean on the towpath. Right along the centre where you walk, where your dog walks, where you might ride your bicycle or your children might accidently trip and fall. BW have been told about this on many occasions (not just on the Oxford) and have always promised it will not happen again and it always does. DSCF3127These thorns are up to 3 inches long

Fountains are the contractors responsible for this state of affairs. I know for fact that they were working from Nell’s Bridge north, I saw them. 200220121004They passed me in Tyle Mil on their way to Banbury and I have it on the very best authority that they were cutting north of Banbury because Friday I met a Fountains employee who was repairing a puncture in his front tire, well several actually. His job was to check that the others did their job. I don’t mind telling you he was not a happy bunny.

The Fountains guys would have been better off picking up the litter of which there is so much.They could have even cut this Blackthorn which is right at the waters edge. 210220121020There are several patches some extend out into the water 3/4 feet

Or this tree could be cut back which overhangs the canal and stops boaters mooring. 210220121021In fact there are so many places where the canal is reduced to less that half its width (and some places only ten feet) by over growth, it would not have been difficult for a five year old child to manage these men better.

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