Thursday, 23 February 2012


Dear T-mobile

I am at a loss as to what to do with my dongle. It is totally f**king useless but you have me locked into a contract for a further 21 months. Now I am quite happy to stay with T-mobile providing I get what I pay for “mobile broadband.” I don’t want it when you want me to have it, which at the moment is very in frequent, I want it all the time or at least when ever I chose.

I live on a boat which is why I thought ‘mobile broadband’ would be good for my needs. There are times when I am out in the country where the signal is weak, this is no excuse. Currently however I am moored right in the middle of Banbury. You can check with the security company at Castle Quay at present the security camera is pointing through my window and they have video evidence that the service you are providing is crap.

Now if you would just cancel my account I will go to those nice people at 3 and see if they can provide me with a proper service

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Keith (Boatman) said...

Sorry to hear about your dongle problems, Jo and I have one each, both T-Mobile, and we have had very good service from them. We did upgrade them to the latest models, which are a vast improvement over the early ones. It may be worth considering an upgrade, same as upgrading a phone, so doesn't cost anything to do. We tend to get mostly 3G, only a few spots where it drops to GPRS.