Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A thief is afoot

The thievery done by T-mobile knows no bounds. A small window appears and tells me

You are about to connect to a Roaming network outside the UK. Roaming charges apply as per the text message T-mobile sent you when you arrived. Do you want to connect (I don’t recall that).

I don’t understand why I can connect to a network outside the UK when I can’t connect to one inside. This has me very confused. I am roughly 90 miles away from the sea, so where about is the network outside the UK and why can T-mobile not provide me with a signal closer than ‘outside’. For crying out loud I am probably closer to the satellite than I am to the sea. What is it that networks outside the UK are doing that we in the UK are not doing (the signal is still crap).

Now I obviously don’t know that much about the law or I wouldn’t be letting these bastards screw me, but my understanding is that a contract has to be beneficial to both parties to be legal. (Lord Denning). I am having trouble understanding where the benefit is for me.

I pay for a service that they don’t have to provide. I can cancel any time I like as long as I pay the full outstanding amount. (that is theft not a cancelation fee) and if I get on line via a third party, because T-mobile cannot supply what I have paid for, I have to pay extra.

I would love to hear Lord Denning’s take on this. It’s a shame he is dead.


Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

Have you asked T-Mobile for a rebate for the lack of their fufilment of the service contract.

If they turn you down its off to the County Court for a settlement. You will need to make records of the quality of the service for a period in time say one month.

I bet if you name the CEO on the court documentation you will be compensated and allowed to change providers.

I know someone this tactic worked for.

Unknown said...

Apparently this is down to T-Mobile's dongle software not knowing Orange and T-Mobile have merged. Provided it is saying it is connecting to the Orange network (ir will be) You can click on "OK" and carry on with no extra charges.