Wednesday, 21 March 2012

And so to Napton

BW are supposed to open the gates at ten so I thought It would be fine to get up at 9.30 have a cuppa and away. I woke at 9.30 as planned only to find the gates already opened and a bloody Black Prince hire boat going in, bastards! BW where is the consistency?

Despite my being marooned on the bank after I left Fenny Compton I did collect a lot of rubbish on my way to Napton. When I arrived at the waste disposal point at the bottom of Napton Lock I half filled one of the newly emptied dumpsters with the contents of my roof. That didn’t include the bag and a half of domestic rubbish I have in the boat. Two 25 litre plastic drums I retrieved from the hedgerow by bridge 126 still seemed to have some of the original contents in them FORMALDEHYDE!!

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