Thursday, 15 March 2012

Armed police in stand-off at canal

Armed officers have been deployed to a section of the canal at Long Eaton in Derbyshire. This is part of an on going incident involving a man on a boat thought to be armed.

Derbyshire Police said they were talking to the man at the scene of the stand-off in Sandiacre, near Long Eaton.

The incident is taking place just off Town Street. No one has been injured and no shots have been fired a police spokesman said.


Edit:The soft northern Jessie gave up this morning.


Chris Hills said...

From now on I will try to comment in the right place........ Opps!

Chris Hills said...

From now on I will try the ensure my comments are in the right place.............Opps!

MortimerBones said...

but you fail to give the important information which is why the situation arose in the first place.