Saturday, 3 March 2012

Banbury’s shame.

Arriving in Banbury from the south is not a pleasant experience. I went to turn around today and was put off by the rubbish in and around the canal. I turned at the southern end of the tramway and decided to count the items of debris on my way back to the town centre.

Before I got to the Morrison’s Bridge (163) I had counted nearly 300 separate bottles, cans, burger packages, cartons, cigarette packets, sheets of bubble wrap, polystyrene foam, paper cups, sandwich packets, carrier bags (full and empty), paint tins. and all manner of shite, including empty bottles of energisers used by joggers. Within 100yards of passing the bridge this figure was doubled. I gave up counting after a while, but would estimate based on that which I counted, well over 1000 bits of litter in the water or within a step of the edge.

One can only assume that BW and Banbury Council and the locals think this is acceptable. It’s not, it is absolutely abysmal, totally unacceptable it this day and age.




Keith (Boatman) said...

Not much changes in Banbury then? We were moored below the lock once, and actually saw someone crossing the road bridge drop a bag of rubbish into the canal, in full view of everyone, in the afternoon!

Oakie said...

It was just the same on Banbury Canal Day last year. Maybe the paint cans were the same as I saw then. I would have thought that Banbury Town Council would have made an effort for their Canal Day. Perhaps they need a reminder. Could you send them your pics?

Tilly said...

I thought I was back in Solihull, minus the plastic carrier bags.

Nb Yarwood said...

Perhaps Banbury should 'TWIN' with Brum - they could compete/compare the level of anti-social scumbags that live in each respective town. It never ceases to amaze and disgust me how some people treat their environments.
Rant done, over and out.

eeyore said...

As a 'local' I too am ashamed of the litter. Walking the tow-path from Bodicote to Banbury recently I picked up two carriers bags and a duffel bag from the hedge and filled them before I got to the lock where I deposited them in the overflowing boaters' refuse skips. I could not reach litter floating in the canal.

Very often the litter bins around the mill/lock area are overflowing with fast food litter and drink bottles. Whatever happened to "Refuse, Recycle and reuse"?

Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

I have noticed that where litter is allowed to pile up on our watercourses and the weather brings strong gusts of wind. The pile of litter self clears in no time at all. Into the canal.

John F said...

Man, it doesn't sound like you get much enjoyment out of living on a canal boat/

Maffi said...

Mostly in the towns it is crap out in the country it is wonderful