Thursday, 15 March 2012

Canal Textovation

I arrived in Cropredy late yesterday. I didn’t leave Banbury ‘til the afternoon and I can’t refuse the opportunity to clear up around the locks (7 bin liners full and that didn’t include the two I picked up along the tramway when I went to turn around). Anyway I arrived wanting to take the rubbish off my roof only to find Dusty moored in the way. Dusty was not very well at all looking very much the worse for wear. After I had discharged my ‘load’ I enquired if I could get him Lemsip/paracetamol or something which he declined. I wished him well and left him to suffer. This morning I received this rather nice text

To a good man who cares for his fellow man
thank you Maffi

to which I replied

Oh No I was just worried if you karked it how was
I going to get on the water  point this morning

And Dusty came back with

That almost made me laugh.

I felt quite sure he had found it funny so responded with

Be honest you roared

To which he countered

No –I may have let out a little unexpected gas


I know but its dark here Smile with tongue out 

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