Saturday, 17 March 2012

Cropredy Marina

This is the site of the larger of the two new marinas being built in North Oxford. The planning consent was granted on January 5th this year. It appears that not one spade of soil has been turned to date.


In their web site they say:

Presently, there is only one small offline marina on the Oxford Canal in the 44 miles between Oxford and Napton, which is reflected in the large numbers of boats moored along the banks of the canal.

I am not quite sure why they brought that up. Whist what they say is true, it is not an accurate account of the situation. There are also 3 online marinas Enslow, Heyford, Soverign plus the Engine Arm on the Napton flight, the Arm at the top of Banbury. You could even include the Hythe Bridge arm given that there are permanently 13 residential moorings.

In reality it doesn’t matter if they put a million boat marina at Cropredy it will not change the situation at the bottom of the canal.

At the Barby Marina, which had such bad press last year, Mooring fees range from £2,200/50 foot to £3,200/72 foot and that is for a pontoon mooring. Bankside moorings range from £3,800 to £5,500. I can’t imagine Cropredy prices will be much different. A lot of online boaters will not be able to afford that.

EDIT: I forgot Fenny Compton. Oh! and there are 491/2 miles to Napton


Carol said...

Hi Maffi - Perhaps I'm being selfish here - but I don't care if it doesn't happen - at least it won't take any water from the depleting stock that we have presently. I wonder how many new marinas are due to be watered this year??

Tim Langer said...

We have started work on Cropredy Marina this week and will be open April 1st 2013.

Carol - there is plenty of water to fill our basins and they will then act as reservoirs!

Tim Langer

Maffi said...

Tim do you have all your finance in place or will you be expecting the early moorers to finace the next bit and so on. Can you guarantee that you will not be another Barby.

The Oxford survives in the main because of the reserviors. Surely you will have to drain some reserviors to fill your reservior.

And how many 'extra' boats are going to be draining your reservior on their way down the canal.