Monday, 12 March 2012


I am really pissed with some boaters. Coming through Slat Mill Lock this afternoon I was ignored. As I closed the bottom gates a psuedo proper boat came through the bridge. Rather than go to the lock mooring,which in my mind tells their intention to use the lock They pulled up about150 yards short along the bank. I assumed they were mooring up. But no it seems they didn’t want to talk or socialise in any way This is one of the reasons why you stop on the lock mooring and approach the lock. You get to chat to nice people. It’s not because there are nice bollards but because it makes it easier all round for other boaters.

A grumpier pair of boaters I am yet to see. Why go boating if it makes you miserable?

So if you own nb Rill and are reading this will you please use the lock moorings so that the rest of us know what the F**K is going on. Try being a bit more sociable, you are not special, well no more than me.  If you find this too complicated stay in the marina.

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