Monday, 5 March 2012

Grants Lock

I wrote a week or two ago about the build up of debris at Grants lock. Well I also mentioned it to BW and this week received this from Nigel Powell

The flotsam that builds up at Grants lock is cleared each time a workboat passes through. This has been more difficult recently as we have a large proportion of new staff who do not have the helmsman certificate required to operate BW craft. This issue will be resolved as those staff are attending the RYA course today, after which these works will be planned in over the coming weeks.

Kind regards

Nigel Powell

I wonder what the excuse is at Nell’s Bridge Lock where BW have a yard.

However BW staff were being trained as Nigel said. Here they are at the training centre in Banbury. Trainer Paul Fox on the left.

DSCF3285aBW workers blanked out to protect their privacy


Allan said...

How do you know that the guy on the side is not a B.W workmen as well.
I think the Grey blobs are a bit one the big side or are you saying they have big heads

Maffi said...

Because I have had a drink with him in a pub and worked with him last year.

Maffi said...
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Wozie said...

Do BW work-people really need to visit the area on a boat. Surely they have vans, litter picking tools and bin bags?
So do the council workers!

Paul said...

Yes, thats me on the left and I can confirm I have never have, or do work for BW and am a qualified RYA Inland Waterways Instructor