Saturday, 3 March 2012

Manchester Road Bridge spruced up for Olympics


Quote from Waterscape newsletter:

British Waterways is painting and carrying out necessary repairs to the blue bridge at Manchester Road in Docklands as part of the area’s preparations for the Olympic summer ahead.

The works will take place between 5 March and 18 May 2012 and will include a full repaint of the bridge. Mechanical and electrical repairs will be undertaken which will safeguard the reliability of the bridge in the future. British Waterways is investing £435,000 into the scheme and May Gurney will be carrying out the works.

Seems to me BW are giving an awful lot of money away that could be better used elsewhere like dredging the canal, repairing the locks and paying themselves vast bonuses


Ann Street said...

But painting that bridge will do SO much to improve our image and will help the economy of the UK - sorry, London

Heth said...

I gather you're in the London area Ann?

See, the rest of us plebs across the ailing canal system look at it this way. As long as London's waterways have millions spent on them to look beautiful, nowhere else matters. We all pay the same licence fee so funding for repairs or "tarting the system up" by BW should be spread evenly across the country. Have you ever gone further than Watford Gap?

London can look after itself £435,000 would be much better spent on the ALL IMPORTANT CANAL SYSTEM, erm, you know, the one that criss crosses the rest of the country???? Our heritage????

WTF are BW doing spending much needed funds for the rest of us (that's the MAJORITY of boaters by the way) in LONDON? If BW are spending that much down there it's every other boaters licence fee that's paying for it. Please remember that if there'd been a vote on what our money is spent on, anything to do with London would be a big fat NO!!!

The rest of us are sick & fed up of hearing about how they're even manicuring towpaths with a pair of nail scissors down there.

Perhaps if you weren't living / based in London you'd think differently.

What a narrow minded attitude you have. As long as everything's just hunky dory down there eh???

Perhaps Maffi should take you on a guided tour of the Oxford. But being from London would you even care??

PS: London doesn't improve our image or help the economy.

Takey Tezey Heth