Thursday, 22 March 2012

One Hundred and fifty

Today with the three bags of rubbish I collected before I left Napton, the two in the mile past Wigrams Turn Marina and not to forget the one in Braunston on my arrival, my total bin bags to date has exceeded 150.

In celebration I would like everybody who leaves the house/boat to take a bag with them and collect some rubbish. Please.

DSCF3427Two bags from last night plus three this morning all from Napton


Allan said...

As if anyone is going to do that it would put you out of a job

Jo (Boatwoman) said...

Keith went out and collected the rubbish here at Winsford Flash. It is so annoying that people leave their rubbish in such a stunning spot. Well done for keeping count, I have lost count of the bags of rubbish we have collected.

Anonymous said...

Hi - is the signal bad at Braunston? Text and email sent, but no reply.
Sue L

richard NBPendle Warter said...

''Dont be a tosser take your litter home''

How can a parish council object to this?

Neil Corbett said...

Maffi, sometimes I think you're a cantankerous old bugger but I take my hat off to you. From now on I resolve to keep a supply of black plastic sacks on board so we can follow your excellent example.


Maffi said...

Thats makes about 5 I think
Thank you. Together we can crack it