Wednesday, 21 March 2012


In my fervour to clear the canals of litter I stopped to pick up a full bin bag and a sheet of plastic. I reversed up the the bank and grounded the boat in the shallow water. It should have stayed there while I collected the litter. Not so! Stepping off the back of the boat allowed the boat to float free and drift across the canal. Doh!
With the canal being short of water it did not float all the way across but was stopped by the depth, or lack of it, and a hawthorn bush. The boat was not far enough across to warrant going to the bridge, along the other bank and trying to board her, so I waited . . . . and waited . . . . and waited.

It was an hour before another boat came along to deposit me back on the Milly M. Thank you sir, most appreciated.


Sue said...

My dreaded fear! :D

Oakie said...

Seen it done before and been close myself. Now I just run a loose long line off to the bank, just in case.

Allan said...

Oh Calamity, well if it was not that deep, shoes and socks off and a quick paddle would have put you back on board. You can’t beat a secure line as you now know lol. Throw out the anchor oh I forgot you don’t have one. Happy boating