Sunday, 4 March 2012


I made my way down the lock on Saturday to empty rubbish turn around and fill with water. Two out of three is not bad. I unloaded some wooden boards I found at a lock. I turned around at the bottom of the tramway and on arrival at the lock I was helped up by the crew of Paneke. They also did the lift bridge for me which, though very kind, distracted me from the task in hand which required me to be at the water point between the lock and the bridge. DOH! I was obviously over whelmed with kindness. Many Thanks.



Chris said...

Born with a double crown?

Eee Lad, where I come from we couldn't even afford half a crown! ;-)

Tom Henson said...


Have been following your blog for ages now!

Just brought my first narrow boat from the local boat shop.

So excited!!


Ian said...

Like you, Maffi, I also sport a full head of hair (cough).

ANSWER: A couple of minutes with a set of clippers, bish-bash-bong, and yer a good 'un! No money extorted by barbers, no need for shampoo/conditioner, no 'bad hair' days, takes seconds to dry after shower, no minutes wasted in front of the mirror combing, some women prefer it, and some people may think your being fashionable!

I think people teasing you about having a comb-over is purely down to your parting, which (although it may be your natural parting) is a little low.

Whatever the case, if you're happy with your hair, nothing else matters!