Friday, 9 March 2012

The problem in Richmond

After I posted about Richmond earlier I quickly received this reply from a reader which explains the situation much better than the council did.

Maffi, I really enjoy reading your blog and support your campaigning for sensible waterways users and litter-free waterways. Therefore I felt I should respond to your post on LBRuT's consultation above with a bit of local info.

Whilst I don't agree with Richmond Council's stance on many issues, their consultation is at least based on a reasonable objective.

Their proposals are in response to a long-term problem with a limited number of boat owners who have moored for many months on a specific stretch of the River Thames at Hampton, that should be for short term moorings only.

These boat owners have turned what was once a very nice section of river bank into an eyesore, with a serious amount of litter and other detritus from their boats. There have also been reports of people being intimidated by these boat owners when walking along this section of public river bank.

Repeated attempts to get these boat owners to cease this behaviour have I believe not been helped by the Environment Agency refusing to police moorings in this area as the bank is indeed owned (or more correctly, maintained) by the Council.

I completely agree that trying to make the mooring of boats on any section of council-maintained river bank an offence is completely over the top, and I hope that a more sensible option arises from the consultation process, which allows the Council to return this section of river bank back to it's previous status of a public open space that can be enjoyed by everyone without let or hindrance, or litter.

Clive, Hampton

Thank you Clive

So now we know what the problem is get the bastards off the river!

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