Friday, 9 March 2012

Something afoot in Banbury

It was late. I was still awake. I had not long taken Molly out. Some one tried to get in through the cratch cover. They saw me then legged it off down towards Tooley’s. I leaped up grabbed my 1 million candela torch and went outside. The torch is big enough to fell a big man with one whack so it is just as well the perp was some distance away when I set foot on the towpath. I called the police. I have the feds on speed dial. I could still see the chap up on the board walk while I was talking on the phone. Two security guards came along. They had been watching him on the camera. I finished my call to the police and seconds later they arrived on the scene. Four of them. There was an exchange between them and the perp and after about ten minutes they carted him off.

DSCF3337This was the best picture I could get in the light as they carted the perp off.

So what didn’t I like about my experience with the feds. First off the Chief Constable Sarah Thornton comes on to introduce herself then read the menu. I pressed 1 to report a crime. I then got a long diatribe from the Victim Support Unit about about the trauma I might suffer as a result of being a victim. This went on far too long. Whilst listening to this the perp could have returned and beat the crap out of me before I actually got to report the crime. I am all in favour of keeping people informed of their rights but not at the possible expense of their life.

When I did get to speak to the operator I could hear her typing away very fast. She was very efficient. As I put the phone down the police car went across the bridge. Now that was quick!


MortimerBones said...

aren't you meant to dial 999 in those circumstances?

I am not sure I am looking forward to a trip to Banbury if that is your experience... did you ask the police to ask the cratch forager for your litter picker back?

Allan said...

Good on you , MAY BE HE CAN BE SENTENCED TO COMMUNITY SERVICE PICKING UP LITTER ALONG THE TOW PATH FOR 5 YEARS and even that's to lenient. the little toe rag