Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Wizard of US

We here in the UK have extradited Christopher Tippin to the US for crimes he supposedly committed by conspiring to sell missile parts to Iran. In order to trade with a country such as Iran you need to have a permit from the government. So given that we haven’t charged him can we assume he as not committed a crime here in the UK? So why are we allowing the US to have him.

Well the Americans think if he broke American laws he should be tried in the US. Taking that to its logical conclusion why was an American soldier , who murdered 16 Afghanis in Afghanistan (this is against the law in Afghanistan) spirited away to Kansas for trial in the States. Are all American soldiers issued with ruby slippers so they can just click their heels and magically find themselves back in the homeland.

Surely the act of taking a criminal out of a country to escape their justice is, in itself, a criminal act? This makes the American military including their Commander in Chief, the POTUS, criminals for their complicity in this crime. So why are we giving this British citizen to this Band of ‘criminal’ Brothers to be tried for committing a ‘crime’, when they themselves are criminals.

International CriminalPOTUSWANTED
For crimes against the Afghan State Judiciary

What is the point of having a British passport if those we elect to look after our interests hand us over to the first bunch of crooks that ask?

It’s about time we told these criminal upstarts that we want our colonies back, after all they didn’t win the war of  independence we simply needed to go and sort out the French.


Anonymous said...

Its worse than that I'm afraid. Chris Tippen wasn't trading with Iran, he sent batteries to a company in the Netherlands (which turned out to be a FBI honeypot) and all he didn't do was obtain an "End User Certificate" before he shipped.

Also, under the extradition treaty we have with the US, we have to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the case will be successful but all the Merkins have to do declare "reasonable suspicion" and away goes another UK citizen who may well have not broken any UK or EU laws.

Special relationship my a**e.


John said...

Good point, about double standards, but why let your hatred of Obahma spoil the point. After all it was Bush who was president when the agreement was signed. It was Bush who invaded Afghanistan. Obama is trying to get the troops out of Afganistan. Obama gave the order to capture or kill Bin Laden, surely he deserves some credit for that?

Don't want to argue merits or demerits of Tappin case, but the involvement of the Customs Agents (not FBI) was at the American end, not Amsterdam. The arguments, as I understand them, is whether Tappin was entrapped and/or whether he knew after shipping them to Amsterdam they would then be shipped to Iran.


The Grumpy Porter said...

Mmm not sure if Mr Tippin is as innocent as he is being made out in some quarters we will see. Nevertheless the yanks will look after their own regardless of what they did, take Lt William Calley in the Vietnam war he was responsible for over 500 deaths of villagers and he just did just 3 yes that’s 3 years under house arrest before being given his freedom. I think the authorities of all countries know they turn these people into animals to fight their wars for them so let them off lightly when they act like the animals they have created. If Tippen and turns out to be an arms dealer making his last pension deal I have no sympathy for him they deal in misery and prolong wars. Sorry bit of a rant.

Maffi said...

I dont hate Obama. He is a two faced president like all of them this post was not about writing him a CV it was about him breaking the law along with his Chiefs of Staff while at the same time demanding the opposite from us.

Him, Camoron, Putin they are all the fucking same. Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him.

John F said...

Wait, so you think he is going to get off the hook over here?
Dumb you.
Do you think he would have gotten a fair trial over there?
They are not smart enough to think this is one bad person, they riot against a whole country, and you think he would get a fair trial.

Maffi said...

It is not for you or I to say. He committed a crime in Afghanistan and shou;d have been tried there according to their laws.

If you have a problem with that give us Christopher Tippin back.

Despite your American arrogance there is NOT one law for America and another for everyone else.

If POTUS sanctioned the removal of this man from Afghanistan he is a criminal.

Dont call me dumb, TAPS.