Monday, 12 March 2012

Wont last 25 years

Lock gates are delicate structures considering their robust construction. Treated properly they will last 25/30 years. Treated badly they will be lucky to last 10. Today I watched as a boater (if you can call him that) opened the top paddles on an empty lock to close the open bottom gates. The first gate closed very easily the second gate slammed shut and shook the whole of the lock surround. This would be the same skankey boater who has been on the bottom lock mooring with his skankey mates for 5 f***ing days on unlicensed boats ‘shit tips’ is a better description. A third boat moved off this morning and was replaced by the red boat “nb Lady of the Lake”. Where is ‘Lisa the Rottweiler’ when she is needed. There are no boats in Banbury. From Tom Rolt bridge down to Morrison’s bridge there are only these two and one in front.There is no excuse for mooring here.

I must say they are suited to this canal which is full of crap!


Tilly said...

I must say I was impressed with their ability to not hit any moored boats as they went past. Dragging/towing the boat sideways through an old bridge hole then sitting down to avoid the tree branches, I've never seen anyone steering without actually looking where they are going.

MortimerBones said...

I see you are trying to make friends again!

I think the comment about them not being boats is a bit unfair.