Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

It is about time it was compulsory for children to wear life jackets. This mother is just disappearing inside the boat if the baby falls off the boat what is he going to do. This is proof that ‘common sense’ is not common.



Allan said...

Well looks like their priority is to secure the petrol can, not their baby. At least the baby has the sense to hold on.

Maffi said...

Of course diesel is £1.40 a litre dont wanna get it knicked

MortimerBones said...

I suppose some people bring their children up to have manners, recognise danger, and know how to behave.
This boat may be an example of that.

Allan said...

Yes Bones I do agree with you but as you know even the most experienced boater has taken a dunking at some time. And children sometimes have no fear and see no danger on climbing over barriers. What price do you put on your child's life you cant have your eye on them 24/7. Maybe he is chained to the boat and we cant see it. lol

Wozie said...

We saw a family who were all standing on the cruiser stern of a hire boat. The steerer had a toddler on his shoulders and they were approaching an arched red brick bridge.
We could see the danger and called out to warn him!
Another time some tipsy youths were approaching a bridge and one of them was sitting on a chair on the roof of the boat. We shouted to them and he got down just in time!

Area D said...

All our children know they don't leave the cabin unless they are wearing lifejackets. It's impossible to watch them every minute of every day, especially after we've tied up for the day, so the rule is not negotiable. I wouldn't want to be hovering behind them all the time, anyway.